Discount Wedding Costs. Part 1


We don’t want to cut corners, but sometimes corners can be rounded a little. And a rounded corner can look good if it seem deliberate.

The wedding is hopefully a once in a lifetime event, so you want to do everything you can. But you may have budgetary limits to deal with – almost everybody has. Decide what is a priority, and spend the money or effort there. Other details can be less expensive.


Photography is the most permanent aspect of the day outside of the martial relationship itself. You grandchildren will probably want to see the photos, so this is always a priority. Luckily the equipment for this is cheaper than ever, even if a photographically inclined individual is a little harder to find. If budget is really an issue try to find a talented relative to take as many shots as possible. And get everybody with a smartphone to take images as well. Between them all you will get some fine images. You can spend time to make a comprehensive album later on, probably to be completed by the second anniversary!

Decide what images you want and do some test shots and rehearsals beforehand. On the day you can stage the photos that looked good in the tests.

Else, if the is no talented relative, hire a professional and do away with the extras. You don’t need them to make the album, framed portrait or do the photo shopping. Just get the raw images and nothing else. You can do all the touch-ups and make an album in your own time.

Videography is tricky. It is easy to make a passable video, but a professional looking gone will require somebody who knows what they are doing. Spend money if a video is important to you.


  • Shop around for a cake design, preferring anybody near the site. Simply go with a less expensive cake; there are always many choices.
  • Have a small ‘official’ wedding cake that is inexpensive but elegantly styled. Then have undecorated cake of the same type to give the guests.
  • Else, you can have a fake cake with artificial tiers. Serve real cake to the guests.
  • If you have a talented cook in the family, use them.
  • Foreign cultures have some different traditions for wedding cakes; you might find a good and inexpensive ideas amongst them. A large tower of profiterole cakes was popular at one point
  • Cake delivery is a factor, especially with big cake. A damage cake is literally a disaster. Find out about delivery from the baker who supplies it. A smaller cake might be cheap to deliver, as are several smaller cakes.
  • Some venues can supply the cake. This will cost money, but is cheaper than an external supplier and will save on delivery. Check with the venue about their rules with cake.

Some venues charge a cutting fee for a cake. Be aware of this. It is often about $2.oo per individual.