Saving expenses

The wedding is hopefully a once in a lifetime event, so you want to do everything you can. But you may have budgetary limits to deal with – almost everybody has. Decide what is a priority, and spend the money or effort there. Other details can be less expensive.


General  Expenses

  • Recruit friends to make decorations. This is extremely common, but effective. If you can design the items you want then others can often build them.
  • Find decoration styles that look good when cheap. Rustic can look good
  • One of the biggest expenses is the location. If you have a community hall rather than a classic inner site wedding site this can make a big difference to the cost. A well decorated hall will look great in the photos, and that’s what will count in the long term.
  • Don’t have a DJ. Set up an iPod with a playlist you choose yourself. You can hire an appropriate PA for under $100.oo. Make sure you have the right input leads.
  • Piped music for the procession is much cheaper than hiring a musician, though there might well be a relative who can play the piece you want.
  • Rent and buy second-hand where appropriate.
  • Don’t bother with a rehearsal, or at least don’t spend any money on it. These were briefly popular till people realized that the rehearsal made the actual ceremony seem anticlimactic and unspontaneous!



  • It is possible to print invitations yourself, and make them look rather good. Hand deliver if you want to save on postage.
  • Guest lists are the other big expense. You are catering to all of them. It is not unusual to pat $50.oo per head, which is $1000.oo for feeding 20 people. Having less for the reception will cut cost dramatically.

If a person is travelling a long way they need to attend the reception as well as the ceremony. They are making a lot of effort for your event, so make them feel it was worth their while.

  • Find a venue that does everything under one roof. Catering, hall and cake under one company can save you a lot of money.
  • If you do want a dedicated wedding venue look for the off season, and the less expensive day of the week. Saturday is usually the most expensive. People have been known to spend half the amount when doing this.
  • Sometime you pay more for equipment when it/s for a wedding, sometime you can get a discount for mentioning a wedding. Be judicious. Have different people enquire about the price, and see if mentioning the wedding makes a difference.


Always ask yourself: when I look back in 20 years, what will be important. Always change anything that might make you cringe, and go out of you way for anything that will make for a pleasant memory.