Frugal Ideas

Discount Wedding

Are you are regular church going couple? Then you may find your regular church is happy to host the ceremony. Furthermore there are often plenty of ladies auxiliary services that are happy to be involved. You can probably obtain their help with donations. If you have been a regular contributor to the church they may even see this as returning a favour.


Honeymoons are about the person you are spending your life with. Some couples might like a sight-seeing tour, but many find an isolated beach house works well for their first trip away. Off season rates also help.


Some businesses charge more when they know it’s going to be a wedding. At the same time some accommodation offers bonuses to couples on their honeymoon. You will have to do this on a case by case basis, but you can save money when you get it right.


Family restaurants can be a good option for catering. You will probably have to use their restaurant location, but many will be happy to add ‘wedding receptions’ to their resume. A favourite restaurant with some personal memories can mean far more than something others consider more fancy.


Wedding dresses are one of the highest priorities for many brides; others just want the husband and the big day.  If the wedding dress is just one of many items on the list simply try multiple discount and second-hand options till you find one a suitably inexpensive option. That being said, if you have been planning your dress since childhood, this is a once-in-a-lifetime event. You may find you economise on everything else in order to have that dress you always wanted.


Photos of the event are indispensible. But with the equipment being almost ubiquitous toady – reasonably good digital cameras are inexpensive – it all falls back on the skill of the photographer. If you have a talented relative, make use of them. Else, hire a university student who studies photography. They will probably be happy to get one of their first professional appointments. If necessary, you can postpone printing the photographs till you have the budget.




Cakes are important, but mostly for looks. A cake with fancy carved figurines seems impressive, even though the cake itself is ordinary. Else, plenty of cake shops will make the type of cake used for birthdays or office parties for much less than the average wedding cake. Think of what will look good in a photo. The taste is secondary to look and traditions.


Remember priorities – the marrying couple, your friends and relatives, having one of the happiest days of your life.